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Time-R Digital Timer

Time-R Digital Timer

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  • Large LCD Display
  • Super precise (one second intervals)
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

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The Time-R combines the normal functions of a traditional timer with a load of new options for controlled switching.

Able to work at one second intervals, whether you want total control of when your fans or pumps turn ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’, or to regulate CO2 dosing, the Time-R is the tool for the job.

  • Green Back Light (with auto switch off after 3 seconds of inactivity)
  • 30A Heavy Duty Relay
  • Intelligent button design
  • 12/24 hour option
  • Audible button beep option

Out of the box, the Time-R provides 3 MODES to choose from; Timed, Repeat & Combined.

Timed Mode

This mode enables you to set precise on and off times, up to 15 times per day.

Repeat Mode

This mode allows you to turn your equipment on and off but can repeat the actions at regular set intervals. From one second, all the way up to 99 hours.

Combined Mode

This mode combines the functionality from the previous two modes, enabling you to run your equipment on and off repeatedly at set intervals over a 24 hour period. You can set this up over three different time periods per day.

How to Use the Time-R

The Time-R is a simple piece of kit to use and is supplied with complete instructions to get your started, but at a glance;

  • To set current time – press CLOCK for 3 seconds
  • To select the required mode – press MODE
  • Use the right & left arrows to scroll, and up & down to input a time
  • To lock or unlock – press CONFIRM 3 times
  • Manual OFF – press CLOCK 5 times
  • Manual ON – press CLEAR 5 times


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