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Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel

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  • Dimensions: 137 (l) x 43 (w) cm
  • Durable, strong and flexible
  • Perfect for clearing snow around your home
  • Helps to keep walkways clear of snow
  • Use with de icing salt to helps to limit winter slip-hazards

What is The Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel?

This easy-to-grab, robust, heavy duty snow shovel is perfect for clearing snow around your property this winter. Snow shovels are a must for anyone looking to limit winter slip hazards around their home.

This heavy-duty snow shovel makes easy work of clearing snow. The long wooden shaft, wide mouth and comfortable handle makes this snow shovel ideal for clearing snow from your pathways and drives this winter. Snow shovels help you prevent accidents and slip-hazards in the cold weather. This heavy-duty snow shovel is durable and lightweight. It's really easy to use, which makes it an excellent tool to have handy when the winter weather suddenly hits.

This snow shovel has a hanging hole designed into the handle, so it's easy to store and keep in reach in, as part of your winter care kit.

Garden tip: This snow shovel can also be used to help clear those piles of autumnal leaves, waste piles, dusty building debris, mucking out and various other tasks that require the movement of piles of moderate debris.

Get Winter-Ready with a Winter Care Kit

If you want the ultimate in ease and a great price, get this Winter Care Kit.

The Winter Care Kit bundle contains:

  • 1x Snow Shovel
  • 15kg of De Icing Salt
  • 1x Twist and Thaw Salt Applicator
  • 1x Windscreen Ice Scraper

The winter care kit bundle helps you to avoid unnecessary accidents around your home. Use the Snow Shovel to clear snow away, then salt your paths/driveway. Clearing the worst of the snow also helps you and your family to avoid walking a slushy mess through your busy front door.

This really simple kit has all the winter essentials that you'll need to keep your car windscreen and walkways ice and snow free when the cold snap hits.

What are the Heavy-Duty Snow Shovels Made of?

These Heavy-Duty Snow Shovels consist of 3-parts:

  • Robust Wooden Shaft
  • Wide-mouthed shovel
  • Ergonomic D-Handle with hanging hole

Simple Assembly

These snow shovels arrive in 3-parts (as outlined above) and are simple to connect together and fix into place using the supplied screws.

Garden tip: Ensure that the wooden shaft is fully engaged into the shovel head before you fix it in place with one of the supplied screws.

About the Snow Shovel

The shovel component is made from a moulded, durable coloured plastic that is both rigid and flexible. The D-handles are an ergonomic moulded plastic that is made for comfort. It also has a hanging hole for easy storage. The wooden shaft is 1-metre long with a 2.8 cm (28 mm) diameter.

  • Ideal for moving snow, dirt, sand, leaves etc.
  • Suitable for home and domestic use
  • 3x individual pieces (shovel head, wooden shaft and D-handle)
  • Available in red or black
  • Total length & width: 137 (l) x 43 (w) cm
  • Shaft Length & diameter: 100 x 2.8 cm (1000 x 28 mm) shaft
  • Screws included
  • Made in the UK