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House & Garden Algen Extract

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  • Algen Extract is one of the best kept secrets in the House & Garden range. Extracted from seaweed, it is a powerful growth stimulator.
  • It contains large amounts of the necessary micro and macro nutrients that your plants need, as well as very high levels of natural hormones.
  • This combination ensures a healthier plant with a stronger root system.

Give your flowers and plants a little helping hand, with Algen Extract, a potent growth stimulator much loved by gardeners. This natural extract is derived from seaweed and delivers many of the nutrients plants crave, including polysacherides, amino acids and proteins.


Just like people, plants require many macro and micro nutrients, not just sunlight and water, if they are to thrive and not merely survive. Algen Extract delivers these various hormones and nutrients in a safe, natural way and is suitable for all phases of a plant’s development, strengthening root hairs and increasing the production of chlorophyll, which is essential for healthy growth.


How to Use

Algen Extract is suitable for home gardens and can be diluted with water and incorporated to your normal feeding schedule.

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