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HydroTops Head Start

HydroTops Head Start

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  • Formulated specifically for young plants.
  • Balanced bioponic nutrient - concentrated solution.
  • Encourages strong roots, compact branching and rapid growth.
  • Smooth and stress-free transition from propagator.


The Head Start formula by Hydrotops has been developed to contain all the nutrients needed for young plants; seedlings and cuttings alike. During this primary stage of development, your crop’s potential yield is decided based on the structure created above and below the ground – setting the stage for later growth. The nutritional profile supplied has a key role in early development, it is imperative that your prize plants receive all the nutrition they need to grow and flourish in the early stages of growth.

Hydrotops created a stand-alone nutrient for young plants because as a plant matures, it has drastically different nutritional needs throughout its life cycle. Grow nutrients have the wrong ratio of major elements and is lacking in many micronutrients for young plants. Use of head start facilitates the early stages much more effectively than grow nutrients but grow nutrients are more effective during vegetative growth, once your plants are out of propagation.

Head Start is available as a hard and soft water variant to suite your water source. Most of the tap water in England is hard, while Scotland, wales cornwall and the north-west have a soft-water source. The soft water nutrient has been developed to include more magnesium and calcium than the hard water type to account for lower baseline levels. If you’re using a reverse osmosis filter, use the soft water variant.

We also stock an East London formulation of Hydrotops that works well with any tap water that’s closer than 15 miles from our Chigwell store, covering all east London and some of Essex. See the map below to see which areas are covered by Hydrotops East London formulation.

10mile radius around FG chigwell

For best results use in conjunction with the rest of the hydrotops range and follow their feed schedule.

Don’t use any products that contain peroxide or other sterilizing agents as the range contains live bacteria and fungus whose populations will be killed, reducing the efficacy of the product range.

Hydrotops specialise in ‘custom formulations’ which require a sample of your tap water to specially manufacture plant feeds that has a profile with the exact ratios of nutrients required for stunning results. Pop in to one of our stores for a sample bottle, more info on hydrotops custom formulations and how tailored nutrients can take your garden to the next level.


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