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HydroTops Head Start

HydroTops Head Start

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  • Specially designed for flowering plants
  • Full-spectrum bioponic nutrient concentrate solution
  • Encourages plants to grow strong roots and rapid growth


HydroTops Head Start is a concentrated growth enhancer specially designed for flowering plants. Available in 1, 5 or 25 Litre containers, it is a full-spectrum bioponic nutrient concentrate solution that gives cuttings and delicate new plants a boost when they need it most - in those early, formulative days and weeks. Designed with their specific needs in mind, Head Start provides a perfect balance of nutrients and trace elements that encourages plants to develop strong roots and rapid growth. The size of your yield is determined by the condition of your plants at this early stage, and in particular their 'nutritional profile'. This sets the blueprint for the rest of your plants' lifecycle, so get it right from the start. We recommend that you follow the dosage instructions very carefully and do not use this product with H202. Give your youngsters a boost in life by using HydroTops Head Start.


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