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Hydrotops Solo (Soil) Bloom Nutrient

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    One-part nutrient.

    Bioponic – Fully organic.

    Specifically tailored to your plants stage.

    Designed for use with soil.

The bioponic technique combines biologically active microbes with the very best organic nutrients and your choice of hydroponic farming technique. All these factors work together to bring the giant yields of hydroponics with the increased quality organic sources of nutrients bring to the table, facilitating better tasting and smelling fruit and flowers than mineral based nutrient regimes.

Hydrotops Solo is specifically manufactured for use in conjunction with soil, it’s been formulated and manufactured in the UK with our water in mind. If your using water from your tap, you’re best off using the hard water variant. If your municipal water supply is soft water or you’re using an Reverse osmosis filter, use the soft water variant.

Soft water is limited to a few areas in the UK, including Cornwall, Wales and pretty much anywhere north of Liverpool. Have a look at a water hardness map or get in contact with your water supplier if you’re unsure of your water type. Once you know what type of water you’ve got you can select a nutrient that will best aid in plant growth.

We also stock an East London formulation of Hydrotops that works well with any tap water that’s closer than 15 miles from our Chigwell store, covering all east London and some of Essex. See the map below to see which areas are covered by Hydrotops East London formulation.

10mile radius around FG chigwell

During the vegetative phase, you’re building the structure of the plant, the grow nutrient is formulated in a balanced way, providing the plant with everything it needs for strong branches, abundant foliage and an increase in flowering sites; setting the stage for a heavy yielding, excellent quality harvest.

As Plants transition to flower and fruiting, their nutritional needs drastically change. Hydrotops have formulated their bloom nutrient to be used in conjunction with grow nutrient during the stretching phase, when plant transition into flower. In this way, you tailor what your providing to plants by changing the ratio of grow to bloom.

Once flowers have formed, you transition to using bloom formulation exclusively. As plants mature, their nutritional uptake increases and hydrotops feed schedule accommodates this with a rising EC leading to heavily fruiting, aromatic end results.

For best results use in conjunction with the rest of the hydrotops range, following the Hydrotops feed schedule. Don’t use any products that contain peroxide or other sterilizing agents as the range contains live bacteria and fungus whose populations will be killed, reducing the efficacy of the product range.

Hydrotops specialise in ‘custom formulations’ which require a sample of your tap water to specially manufacture plant feeds that has a profile with the exact ratios of nutrients required for stunning results. Pop in to one of our stores for a sample bottle, more info on hydrotops custom formulations and how tailored nutrients can take your garden to the next level.