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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Concentrated Liquid Plant Food

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Concentrated Liquid Plant Food

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  • Feeds plants in pots, containers, hanging baskets, beds and borders
  • Feed for big, lush plants with more blooms and better colours
  • Visibly healthier plants in 7 days.
  • New formulation contains Humifirst® (rich in organic matter)
  • Stimulates growth and yield
  • Stimulates roots to grow
  • Unique mix of 9 nutrients
  • Improves plants resistance to environmental stresses
  • Less plastic and new recyclable bottle


Miracle-Gro® All Purpose

Be the envy of your neighbours with Miracle-Gro® All Purpose liquid plant food. This liquid plant fertiliser helps your plants and flowers bloom to perfection.

Your plants quickly consume the nutrients available in potting compost. Without ready access to food, plants soon lose their vitality. Now is the time to call in Miracle-Gro All Purpose! A consistent summer-long feeding regime will help your plants maintain a luscious display. They’ll reward you with verdant foliage and deep, rich coloured flowers.

This balanced liquid plant feed will keep plants healthy and looking their best. Bio-stimulants give tired plants a new lease of life so your plants flourish with renewed vigour.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food has a concentrated nutritional formula that helps to keep indoor and outdoor plants healthy throughout the year.

The simple to use liquid feed easily mixes in your watering can, so you’re ready to feed in no time.

If, in between feeds, you use a hose to water your plants, we recommend using a water filter to keep your plants looking their best.

We recommend using a water filter to keep your plants looking their best. Plants don't like water direct from the tap. Drinking water contains chemicals that keep it safe for human consumption. The chemicals (Chlorine and sometimes Chloramine) can build in plant cells and cause toxicity in your plants with detrimental effects.

Chlorine is a micronutrient, essential to plant growth, but levels present in drinking water can cause Chlorine toxicity. You'll only notice a problem once leaves start to curl and the tips brown.


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