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NFT Gro-Tanks

NFT Gro-Tanks

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  • Rapid & height efficient growing method
  • Produces strong root systems forming the basis for huge harvests
  • 24/7 Systems takes away the need for watering


For high yields, developed roots and a shorter growing cycle, invest in an NFT Gro-Tank. Easy to manage and cost effective, a compact NFT Gro-Tank is designed to work around the clock without the need for a timer or controls.


The plants are placed into Rockwool cubes and onto the Gro-Tank’s top tray, a shallow stream of nutrient solution is pumped into plant roots providing them with oxygen, water and nutrients.


The pump recirculates nutrient solution from the reservoir to the plants and then back again minimalises water waste, while the 24/7 systems takes away the need for watering. The tank only needs to be topped up and emptied around once a week.


NFT has the benefit of requiring less head room than other systems, so more of the space can be used by the plants rather than being taken up by pots!


We stock a range of NFT Gro-Tank Kits to suit your growing needs, including a variety of capacities which cater for different room sizes.


Each kit comes complete and ready to assemble, containing:

 a Reservoir,

a pump  


delivery tube

a top tray,

spreader matting

a correx cover

full instructions





SystemSize L x W x H cmTank VolumeNo. of Plants
GT205 70 x 40 x 20cm 20 L 1 - 3
GT424 112 x 50 x 20cm 45 L 2 - 5
GT604 153 x 50 x 20cm 60 L 3 - 7
GT901 208 x 50 x 20cm 80 L 4 - 9
GT100 120 x 106 x 22cm 100 L 4 - 9
GT150 183 x 98 x 18cm 85 L 9 - 15

How to Use

Required but not supplied: Rockwool cubes, Range of nutrients.


Recommended: Rockwool cube caps


Most gardeners that utilise gro tanks use either 3” or 4” Rockwool cubes.


We recommend the use of cube caps matched to the size of your Rockwool cubes. They help prevent algae from growing on your Rockwool and help to support the Rockwool cube under the weight burden of plants in full flower or fruiting.


Pumps must stay running 24/7 to ensure roots don’t dry out.


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