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Multi-Duct NFT System

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  • Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrients
  • Easy access to pump and nutrients
  • Achieve outstanding yields even with limited gardening space
  • Range of sizes to suit any size of garden

Due to the bulky nature of NFT trays, they can only be bought in-store. You could also implement several of the smaller NFT Grow Tanks (GT) to cover the same footprint. This would also have the advantage of increased resistance to disease because fungus and bacteria are much less likely to spread between plants in separate systems.

Gardeners who value efficiency are bound to be impressed by Multi-Duct NFT Systems. These long planting channels make use of the 'Nutrient Film Technique' (NFT), which provides plants with an ample supply of oxygen, water and nutrients.

The low-lying reservoir means you can achieve outstanding yields, even with limited gardening height.

We offer a range of sizes to accommodate any size of garden.




Each Multi-Duct NFT System comes complete and includes:

  • A submersible pump
  • Tray
  • Corex Top Cover
  • Tank
  • 16mm supply tube
  • 16mm Elbows
  • 16mm Single Inlet
  • 16mm Male Tees
  • 16mm Male elbows
  • 16mm Flow Control Valve
  • 100ft Spreader Mat
  • Studs
  • Cable Ties
  • Tank cover
  • Complete instructions

  • Multi-Duct NFT Dimensions Number of Plants Tank Volume
    MD200 170 x 120 cm 9 90 L
    MD601 225 x 118 cm 8 90 L
    MD801 250 x 91 cm 12 90 L

    How to Use:

    Required but not supplied: 3 inch or 4 inch Rockwool Cubes, Range of Nutrients

    Recommended: We recommend the use of Cube Caps matched to the size of your Rockwool cubes. They help prevent algae from growing on your Rockwool and help to support the Rockwool cube under the weight burden of plants in full flower or fruiting.

    It is also advisable to purchase a Nutrient Chiller to prevent roots from catching Pythium in the summer months. The reservoir needs to be kept between 18-20 degrees for healthy growth.

    You should also use some Plant Supports if you intend on growing fewer, larger plants, since the weight of the fruit may cause the plant to topple over. A Scrog screen or plant netting spread across your space should also help to optimise your garden as you will have a more even canopy.