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Oxypot One-Plant System

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Effective and inexpensive DWC system
  • Encourages rapid development and incredible yields
  • Impossible to over or underwater!

Planning to move into deep water culture? Look no further!!

If you are planning to move into Deep Water Culture, a highly effective and relatively cheap way of growing plants successfully, take a look at our Oxypot Systems. You can achieve phenomenal results with an Oxypot System in a remarkably small space with very little media. All you need to add is a few Clay Pebbles!


Simply put the plants in the mesh pot together with the Clay Pebbles and their roots hanging down to the growing chamber. The chamber contains a nutrient solution that is kept continuously oxygenated by an Air Pump. No light can enter the reservoir which could cause Algal growth.


An Oxypot system allows plants to access all the Nutrients, Water and Oxygen it requires, which encourages rapid plant development and fantastic yields.


You can run as many single Oxypot's as your space requires – reducing the risk of disease spreading across plants in the same system.



Our Oxypot System comes complete with everything you need to assemble, including:

  • Golf Ball Air stones
  • Suitable air pump
  • Air Line
  • Oxypot Base/ Tank
  • Oxypot lid
  • Net Pots

All you need is the Feed (Nutrients), Clay Pebbles and transplanting media (Rockwool Cubes or Jiffy’s) – and you're off!

Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm x 38cm (W x L x H)
Capacity: 19 Litres

How to Use:

Pumps must be left running all the time to ensure plants vitality.

Before transplanting plants into the system, make sure they have established roots – the easiest way to do this is to check your Rockwool Cubes are rootbound.

We recommend you replace your nutrient solution once a week and test the solution for drifting EC and pH as regularly as possible.

When plants first go into the system, the tank should be filled to the bottom of the net pots. As plants become more established, the level of nutrient solution can be dropped to just below the pots.

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