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Plant Magic Boosting Powder

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  • Booster designed specifically for the flowering stage
  • Enhance the development and growth of flowering sites.
  • Improved yields, increased fruit density and more aromas.
  • Developed in the UK for our water.
  • box of 5 x 65g sachets

Boosting Powder is a premium PK Booster designed to enhance the growth and development of flowering sites thus increasing the amount of fruits to be formed. 

Once the flower sites have developed and the fruits start to form BOOSTING POWDER will ensure vigorous growth, development and size of the fruits which leads to improved yields, fruit density and more aromas. 


Derived from Potassium Sulphate, Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Phosphate & Sodium Sulphate

N:0% P:39% K:25%


Powdered nutrients are the most concentrated form of feed available to consumers. Since there is no water, these nutrients are easier and lighter to store.


Plant Magic develop and manufacture their products within the UK. This means All plant magic products are already tailored for the water you will most likely be using.


How to use

Bring your EC value up to 1.2 in your reservoir using your bloom feed. Use one 65g sachet/100ltrs water per week during the first 3 weeks of use (this is usually weeks 2, 3 and 4 of bloom).

Use two 65g sachets/100ltrs water per week for the final 2 weeks of use (this is usually weeks 5 & 6 of bloom)

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