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Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation Pump

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  • Keep your Nutrients mixed
  • Designed to ensure low vibration and near silence
  • Programmable cycles
  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy to use with magnetic attachment

Best way to circulate nutrients in your hydroponic grow system!!

A Water Circulation Pump is vital if you want to keep your Hydroponic Grow System or Aquarium healthy. Without a Water Circulator, Algae will grow and build up, even if you clean regularly. If you want an effective Water Circulator without taking up space or creating noise, then the SICCE Nano Voyager Water Circulator is for you! Don't let its extremely compact size fool you, this is a high tech Water Circulator. It's extremely efficient, guaranteed to circulate water in every nook and cranny of your Tank.

Designed for silent operation, it has programmable cycles, and has a self cleaning system to eliminate possible extra noise, air bubble production and the possibility of overheating. It is made from high quality materials to ensure long lasting operation and also has a dense protection grid.

This is a Tank Circulation Pump and does not come with an outlet for attaching pipework to. It is for circulating the Nutrient Solution in the Reservoir, helping keep it mixed and oxygenated.

PumpPowerFlow RateDimensions
Voyager 1000 2.8w 1000 L/H 100 x 40 x 60cm
Voyager 2000 3w 2000 L/H 65 x 40 x 50 mm
More Information
Brand Sicce
Dimensions (L x W x D) 65x40x50 mm - External Magnetic support 10 mm
Flow (L/Hour) 1000lh - 2000lh
Power (W) 2.8W-3W