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GrowDog 70/30 Coco Perlite Blend 40L

GrowDog 70/30 Coco Perlite Blend 40L

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  • Compaction resistant
  • Perfect mix of water retention, drainage and aeration
  • Pre -washed, Pre-buffered and pH stabilised
  • High Cation exchange capacity for rapid nutrient uptake
  • Almost impossible to over-water
  • Completely sterilized, Organic substrate

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A modern substrate - Coco Performance with the added aeration and drainage of perlite

This pre-mixed, pre-washed, 70/30 coco and perlite growing media provides a natural balance of water retention, aeration and drainage. These same physical processes encourage beneficial microorganisms.

GrowDog 70/30 is an inert substrate, it doesn't contain any plant nutrition on its own and requires plant food dissolved into a nutrient solution.

Combining coco and perlite allows you to feed more aggressively than with straight coco. Optimal watering regimes provide your plant constant access to nutrients and aeration, so they grow faster.

For the best results, pair with air pruner pots to provide roots an unrestricted environment for unparalleled growth. More roots = More fruits!

70/30 Coco Perlite in Sub Optimal Conditions

This coco blend will insulate plant roots and can help to protect against cooler, winter temperatures. Coco retains less water than soil, so it could allow you to grow in sub-optimal environments. For the best results, we recommend maintaining a consistent growing environment for your plants. Generally speaking, maintain daylight growing temperatures around 25C (77F) and nighttime temperatures no lower than 18C (64F).

Water Carrying Capacity

Coco is mostly made up of fine particles that create micropores that hold on to water. Perlite is made of coarse, irregular particles which introduce macropores in the substrate, allowing aeration. This compaction-resistant blend provides optimal water retention, drainage and aeration properties.


Strong aeration qualities is an essential property for any growing media. Ensuring air flow to the root zone is essential for plant health. Roots require access to oxygen for strong, healthy growth. This is considered one of the basic requirements to support a successful crop.


On its own, coco coir retains a lot of water and is easy to over-water. Including perlite in the blend allows excess water to drain from the substrate, helping to prevent over-watering. The coco holds enough nutrient solution between feeds to sustain healthy, luscious growth.

Suitable Coco Perlite Watering Systems

Garden tip:

  • Ensure you completely soak the entire medium each feed.
  • Use a nutrient that’s been formulated for Coco. Coco can sometimes absorb CalMag while releasing sodium & potassium; Coco specific nutrients compensate for this exchange.
  • If you're using a re-circulating system, we recommend using a suitable filter. Smaller particles can soon clog feed and/or return lines.

Dripper systems: This coco perlite mix is best fed little and often. A dripper system is perfect for this. If you're using a re-circulating system, we recommend fitting a filter. The smaller pieces of coco can soon clog feed and/or return lines.

Hand watering: At the most basic level, you can hand water your plants, the drainage capabilities of coco prevents over-watering. Always avoid nutrient reabsorption from pots/containers sitting in any runoff.

How to Use

The bags can become compacted during transportation. Before decanting the substrate into your growing vessel, we suggest you fluff up the medium and break up any larger bits. You can do this while the bag is closed by tapping the sides like how you would fluff up a pillow. More information is available on our blog.


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