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Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice

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  • Root Juice is a 100% vegetable based all-organic root stimulator that boosts existing root growth and encourages the development of new roots
  • Root Juice works by stimulating the biological activity that occurs at the root zone to encourage growth and development.
  • Overall, Root Juice is a great organic root stimulator that is proven to encourage healthy development in soil based systems


Get right to the root of successful gardening and growing with Root·Juice™. Any plant is only as healthy as its root system, so you need to make sure that your plants are getting everything they need, from root to tip. Root·Juice™ focuses on promoting healthy, strong roots, stimulating growth and helping your plants to absorb more nutrients. Root·Juice™ is 100% organic, and is a balanced cocktail of humic and fulvic acids with that tried and trusted natural fertiliser, liquid seaweed. Healthy roots mean that your plants are more resistant to environmental stresses and disease, promoting higher yields and strong, vigorous growth throughout the entire growing season. Recommended for use on earth, coconut and in hydro- or aeroponic systems. When using in hydro systems, Root·Juice™ guarantees the protection of the roots against disease. Easy to use, simply dilute with water and apply regularly for strong, healthy plants and higher yields.


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