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Dripper Line x 20 Metre

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  • Standard black irrigation line suitable for building drip irrigation systems
  • Effective way of watering
  • available in either a 10 Metre roll, or by the Meter

Getting the watering and nutrition of your plants right means you have a much better chance of producing strong and healthy crops on a regular basis. You may enjoy standing around with a hose spraying everything in sight (and it can be fun to turn it on the kids on occasions!) but it's not always the best way of irrigating your produce.


Indoors, Drip Lines are an important part of many top-fed automatic irrigation systems. Dripper Lines may need to be replaced from time to time to ensure leak free, unclogged connections. When cleaning your equipment in-between cycles, the larger pieces can be scrubbed clean but its easy to overlook lines and fittings and almost impossible to clean the inside of these smaller components. If you've had a recent disease breakout, scrubbing the larger equipment and replacing cheaper components may be the easiest and cheapest solution to prevent damage going forward.


Perfect for DIY irrigation systems using a pump and manifold, using a drip line can give you an effective way of watering and will generally use less water than a hose, helping you save on utility bills. This irrigation line is available in either a 20 Metre roll, or by the Meter and is perfect for creating your drip irrigation system.


Dripper nipples can be incorporated at spaced intervals into the inside wall of the tubing allowing irrigation to be controlled at an appropriate rate. Drip lines are ideal for the automated watering of mixed plantings, ground cover, hedgerows and slope plantings.

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Size 20 Metre Roll
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