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Guanokalong Complete Organic Fertilizer Mix

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  • A complete feed comprising GK’s powdered line up into one product.
  • Mix with soil before transplanting
  • Slowly releases its nutritional content

Complete organic fertilizer mix. Guanokalong® powder is mixed in combination with GK-Organics products like: seaweed powder, palm tree ashes, vegetal fertilizer, fish powder and Lava Worm. This unique mix of products represents a full bodied pure organic NPK value with loads of trace elements.

Guanokalong’s complete fertilizer is organic and releases its nutritional content slowly over time. Due to this it’s almost impossible to burn plants through over-fertilisation, allowing even the inexperienced to produce amazing results!

How to Use

Use: Mix this fertilizer with 50 liters of soil right from start.
Light = half liter
Medium = 1 liter
Heavy = 3 liters

22 liters = 400 to 1000 liters of soil.