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Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer by Maxibright

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  • Heavy Duty Pro timer for reliable switching
  • Suitable for up to 600W HID lighting
  • Precision control
  • Complies with BS1363 standard
  • Plugs direct to a UK 240V 3-pin plug socket
  • 96-segment timer

What Is the Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer?

The Maxibright Pro Solo Timer is perfect for automating your light schedule for a single light fixture.

How Does The Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer Work?

The Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer plugs directly in a suitable UK, 240V, 3-pin plug socket. You'll plug the unit you want to time into the female 3-pin plug, located on the Pro Solo Timers faceplate (under the cover) and set the on/off times. Then you let the Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer control when your device turns on and off.

Automated On/Off Schedules

Many species of annual require a change in day length to set flowers for later fruiting; in general, most annuals require light between 16 - 24hrs a day for vegetative growth and 12 hours a day to blossom. With this heavy-duty timer, you can precisely set how long in a 24hr period the lights are on for.

This unit is plug and play. This means it's really easy to use. Plug it in, set the on-board tappets, and you're away, right out of the box.

How Do I Use The Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer?

To Set the on/off times, you'll depress a range of tappets on the timers face. Each tappet represents 15 minutes. Slide them out to be ‘on’, or in to be ‘off’.

The Pro Solo Timer is robust with 96 selectable options.

What Can I Use The Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer For?

You can use the Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer for lights up to 600W as well as all your additional grow room equipment, including air circulation fans, nutrient pumps, air stones etc.

Use the Pro Solo Timer on single light fixtures, up to 600W (or lower wattages). The start-up power required for HID lighting can be extremely high.

Do I Need a Timer Or Contactor Timer?

The Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer is intended for single items only, if you want to control a larger amount of lights, you'll need a contactor timer to manage the electrical load. Take a look at the Greenpower contactors.