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Shogun have formulated a compact range of nutrients that has proven itself through consistent results across university studies, commercial scale application & consumer results. Shogun aim to be transparent in it’s ingredient lists, allowing consumers to make an informed choice on their products. They only manufacture products that have a use in the growroom; Shogun avoids development of products that aren’t needed so keep their range slimlined. Shogun are responsive to customer feedback and have continued to improve on some recipes according to customers experience so you get a better product for your system.

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Shogun is made for growers; not just a concoction of elements and compounds, the range is born out of research and development to create exceptional plant performance in whatever system you choose. Shogun uses high quality components, resulting in low dilutions rates so your bottles go further.

All of Shoguns base nutrients are tailored for a particular substrate; Coco, soil or hydro and contain the essential micro and macro nutrients that are required for healthy plant growth as well as ‘Smartzen Maximiser’ and ‘Aquazen Slow Water’. They also have a range of boosters and additives for use during both vegetative and flowering stages of plant development.


Smartzen contains a mix of organic compounds derived from fungus, bacteria and other plants! This mix increases the plants stress response allowing for a higher uptake of nutrients leading to stronger, faster growth and an increase in yields up to 8%. Smartzen took 8 years of R&D to formulate and it really drives plant growth.


Aquazen is a surfactant that reduces water tension, allowing your nutrient solution to spread and distribute more evenly through your medium and over root hairs. When water has a high water tension, it’s much more likely to bead up on the surface and run down the sides, rather than dissipate into your substrate – A fact most Coco and soil growers will know about, when the substrate dries too much it can compact and go like concrete – pouring nutrient solution on a block like this will just lead to patches that are constantly dry in your media, so roots simply can’t grow there. Aquazen reduces the water that runs across your medium, allowing it to penetrate.

We recommend using products from a single range here at future garden as you can be certain all the various ingredients will have a positive effect when used in conjunction. If you’re looking for a nutrient range that combines the active ingredients of organics alongside mineral feeds that are immediately available to the plant, look no further than the Shogun range.

For more detail on each individual product, have a look at the respective product. If you’ve got any more questions on the shogun range, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995