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RAM Variispeed Manual Fan Speed Controller

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  • Adjust the speed of your Duct Fan 0 – 100%
  • Maintain the perfect climate
  • Robust, slim design
  • Plug and play; Easy to use

Fan Control on a Budget

Reduce your fan’s output level anywhere from 10 – 100%, handing control of the airflow back into the growers hands.

Although we try to mitigate them, external variables often affect the results we achieve in our indoor gardens. With pull through ventilation systems, the ambient outdoor temperature has a huge impact on your end results. While we also stock controllers that are much more precise and automated, a variac type controller like this one can really help in extreme temperatures as well as applications with large fluctuations of temp or humidity.

If you’ve got a smaller intake fans in your set-up, using a controller on the extractor will enable you to balance the pressure across the fans while still maintaining negative pressure.

In the winter time you may need to reduce the amount of cold air entering your room or at least slow it down to give it time to warm up to prevent damage to your plants.

This controller is a must if you currently do not have a fan controller, its great value for money and performs exactly as advertised.

Variispeed Technical Specifications:

  • Max Load: 300w
  • Max Fan Size: 200mm / 8 inch
  • Voltage: 50hz 230v
  • Size: 55 x 65 x 100mm

How to use:

Just plug your fan into the Variispeed and plug the controller into the wall; your fan will now be controlled by the dial, which you can set as you see fit.

Turning the dial counter-clockwise will reduce the fan’s speed, clockwise will increase it.

Avoid exceeding the maximum load by only using fans that are 200mm and smaller with this controller.

Don’t use the controller if your fan already has built in speed settings.

As the ambient weather changes, you will need to adapt and change the setting on the Variispeed to accommodate. Consider getting a SMS smart controller or a control freak controller which can automatically adjust fan speed for you.

Never attach a Variispeed to lights or air movement fans.

Note: When used with RVK Fans, additional humming may be created due to the wave modulation used to regulate the electrical output.

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