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SMSCOM Twin Fan Controllers MK2

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  • Control both your intake and extraction fans
  • Optimise grow room temperature
  • Optimise negative air pressure
  • Very smooth fan speed adjustment
  • No need to adjust fan speeds yourself, the controller does it for you
  • 2 sizes to suit any garden.

What is the SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller MK2?

The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is a compact, ventilation fan controller that allows you to control up to 2 fans. The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is electronically controlled and uses MOTION FLOW software and a temperature probe to control the speed of your fans. The software learns the appropriate fan speeds to maintain the set temperature. The MOTION FLOW software reduces temperature fluctuations and minimalises fan noise.

This twin fan controller allows you to set your desired room temperature using the temperature dial. You'll set your maximum fan speed choosing between 60% to 100% and set the minimum speed choosing between 20% to 60%.

The probe provides a simple, accurate method for the correct temperature of your room. Position the temperature probe, where you want the temperature reading (usually near the canopy). The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 continuously regulates the temperature by changing the fan speed to preserve the set temperature. The two power outlets can control the In and / or exhaust fans supplying a maximum current of 4.5 or 7 Amps.

How Do I Use The SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller Mk2?

The following procedure covers a typical set up for your SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller Mk2:

  1. 1. Connect fans to the 240 V sockets on the front of the unit.
  2. 2. Set the minimum fan speed using the MINIMUM FAN SPEED dial.
  3. 3. Set the temperature using the temperature dial.
  4. 4. Set the maximum fan speed using the MAXIMUM FAN SPEED dial.
  5. 5. Position the Temperature probe in the middle of the grow room, ensuring it's not in the main air flow
  6. 6. Plug the fan controller into the mains and switch the mains supply socket on.*

*When the twin controller is first switched on, it enters a 5 minute calibration mode. During the calibration, it scans the room to find the correct fan speeds. During this time, the fans will run faster and slower as the controller senses and sets the range for any connected fans.

Why Do I Need A Fan Speed Controller?

If you want to control your growing temperatures with a greater degree of accuracy, you'll need to do better than having your fans running on full power at all times. Depending on the time of year, and when the lights go out, temperature swings can be wild enough to affect how your plants grow. For example, if you have your ventilation system running full on during lights out period in winter, grow room temperatures can quickly drop and affect the metabolism of your plants. Purple stems are a good indicator of cold root zone temperatures humidity and condensation issues can soon materialise too - using a suitable tube heater to stabilize the temperature, timed to come on before the lights go out can help to avoid this issue. The opposite can be the case in summer with when higher temperatures are more apparent. In either case, using a fan controller to control your fans speed, based on a set and constantly measured temperature, will help you to maintain better growing conditions for your plants.

Why Is Temperature Important?

The temperature of your grow room directly relates to how much (or little) your plant needs to transpire, and metabolise. Unfortunately, these two things conflict with each other slightly. The higher the temperature the quicker your plant can metabolise, photosynthesise and make more energy to ultimately yield more flowers. The hotter the grow room is, the more the plant needs to cool itself. At a certain point the plant won't be able to adequately cool itself and will suffer as a result. Keeping on top of your growing climate will help you avoid heat-stress related issues like wilting, tip burn or leaf drop.

Controlling the temperature to a point where the plants metabolism is nice and high, and it can still comfortably cool itself is the aim of the game when it comes to controlling your grow room environment. A fan speed controller makes the perfect choice when wanting to gain more control over your environment, in the day and night period.

What Should I Look Out For When Using My SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller?

If you use the SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller Mk2 to control an intake and an outtake fan at the same time, make sure you match the size of the intake fan appropriately, so you do not end up with a positive air pressure inside your grow room. If you're unsure, call our helpful experts for the right advice.

Always monitor your temperatures with a separate thermostat to double check that everything is running according to plan. You will need to adjust your settings over time as your plants grow.

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