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Spreader Mat

Spreader Mat

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  • Breaks the surface tension of the nutrient and helps to wet the surface of all NFT systems.
  • Layed out in the NFT channel and then rockwool blocks are placed on top.
  • Can also be used as a base layer for pots to stop soil and coco from leaking out.


Spreader Mats have been developed to help ensure even, equal distribution of nutrients throughout the top tray of an NFT system. For use with Gro-tank and multi-duct NFT systems, the mat promotes rapid root growth over the entire NFT tray.

The key to the spreader mat's success lies in its ability to break the surface tension of a nutrient solution. This ensures that all plants in the system are reached equally, promising each plant a fair feed and adequate aeration from exposure of the top layer to air. No matter what you're growing, the even distribution of water and nutrients simply couldn't be more important.

We recommend using more spreader matt than required so that the end drapes down into the reservoir - reducing or eliminating the sound of drips.


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