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BlueLab Pulse Meter

BlueLab Pulse Meter

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  • Accurate temperature, moisture and EC levels in solid substrates
  • Achieve a better yield with less post-harvest shrinkage
  • Suitable for use in Soil, Coco, Coir blends, potting mixes & directly to nutrient solution
  • Easy to use – Benefits can be seen from novices to experts

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Highly Accurate and quick measurement of Temperature, nutrient levels (EC) & Moisture

Still measuring root zone moisture, nutrient (EC) and temperature the hard way? Waiting for run-off to accumulate can be an arduous task if you’ve got a large garden. Now you can measure root zones faster with Pulse™ - the new handheld root zone meter that goes where you grow. Pulse connects directly to the Pulse™ app on your smartphone for instant and accurate crop-health management. Measure direct in soils, coco coir blends, potting mixes as well as nutrient solutions.

Bluelab’s innovative new handheld Pulse™ Meter allows growers to get fast, accurate measurements directly in the root zone sent direct-to-mobile. The device operates with batteries so it’s mobile, allowing the user to take on-the-go measurements throughout their garden.

Enhanced technology sends data directly to the Pulse™ app, providing growers with fast and accurate information to better manage crop health, without the need to connect to a computer

Three instant measurements directly from the substrate

Bluelab pulse features infographic

1. Moisture Levels – “When do I water my plants?” is a question we frequently hear - take the guess work out of the equation while optimising irrigation cycles and consumption. Over and under watering will be a thing of the past, reducing root infections.

2. Nutrient Levels (E.C) - Dial in your feed strength to produce maximum yields, consistently cycle after cycle.

3. Temperature - The temp of your substrate will be affected by many variables like the temperature of the floor. Get a direct, accurate measurement of root temperature to optimise root function for healthy plants.

BlueLab Pulse Meter Features and benefits:

  • >Test more plants in a shorter time-frame with fast sensor - response (under 10 seconds per measurement depending on temperature)
  • >Measures in a range of growing media including; soil, nutrient solution, coco coir blends and potting mixes, covering all substrates
  • >Logging feature - Wireless smartphone syncing and back up of all measurements
  • >Analyse, review and interrogate key data within the app
  • >Quick in and out of range measurement indicators on the device with Blink™ technology
  • >Integral depth gauge to ensure consistent depth measurements
  • >Information to reduce errors and prevent plant loss

Perfect for larger gardens and commercial scale operations, the bluelab pulse empowers users to easily take substrate measurements without know how, freeing up the time of the master grower to focus on analysis of the results.

Bluelab - Tools for a successful garden project

Bluelab® enables growers to produce healthy, nutrient-rich plants, with hand-held meters, monitors and controllers that easily and effectively measure and control pH, conductivity, moisture and temperature. Check the rest of the BlueLab range to see how their measurement devices can facilitate the smooth running of your garden.

How to use the BlueLab Pulse meter

Download the free app and pair your phone with the pulse device.

Set the adjustable depth-stop to your desired length.

Insert the sharp probes into your substrate.

The blink light will indicate when a reading has been taken.

The app will then populate with the data which can then be interpreted


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