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Optic Foliar Transport

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  • a premium spreader
  • Allows you to spray when lights are ON
  • No Damage, No Burning
  • helps deliver your spray inside the leaf
  • No need to spray underside of leaves
  • completely safe: non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

Optic Foliar transport is a spreader and wetter that allows anything you combine with it to be absorbed by the mesophyll palisade layer inside leaves – directly to where the chloroplasts are that complete the photosynthetic functions for the plant.

The thing that makes transport stand out over other foliar additives is the fact you will be able to spray your plants WHILE LIGHTS ARE ON! without the risk of any adverse impact on your plants. No scorching. No burning. No residues. No post-spray wash.

Gone are the days of making special visits to your garden when the lights are due to go off, by using transport you can spray plants during your normal day-to-day visits and checks, with no risk to the health of the plants.

Not just a nutritional spray, Transport is an efficiency spray as it allows your active ingredients to penetrate the leaf surface, so you don’t have to make as strong a solution. Optic foliar recommend using your pesticide or fungicide at ¼ strength as transport boosts the efficiency so you don’t have to use as much & it’s still as effective as a full dose.

Nutrition passes through plant structures such as the stem at a very slow rate while ingredients in optic foliar allow the compounds to be delivered directly into the plants structures where it’s being used. The growing tips of plants consume most of plant resources in active growth and spraying these sites will facilitate growth in these areas. The almost immediate uptake also allows you to treat deficiencies much quicker than via nutrient solutions fed to roots.

Designed to work with any other foliar products from any nutrient range, transport facilitates your chosen ingredients uptake by the plant. It doesn’t replace your nutrient range but actively increases the available nutrients for the plant. If your just feeding nutrition to your plants via the roots, your missing out on an entirely different route of feeding and you should consider adding optic foliar’s range to your arsenal.

Optic foliar Transport should be used if you intend on mixing it with other ingredients. If you want a ready to use spray, check out Optic Foliar Overgrow which combines several products into a RTU spray that has a wide range of action.

How to use:

Mix 7.5ml of transport to each 1l of water.

Mix with distilled or Reverse osmosis water.

Use any additional products at ¼ strength.

Do not adjust the pH of the solution.

You only need to spray the tops of leaves.

Be careful not to spray electrical equipment.

Make in small batches that will be used that day. The effectiveness of some pesticides and fungicides will deteriorate over time so it depends what you mix it with as to how long the spray will remain effective for.