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Wireless Thermostat for Heaters


Wireless Thermostat for Heaters

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  • Accurately control heating or cooling equipment
  • Maintain a perfect environment day and night
  • Units automatically connect and communicate
  • Easy to set-up and use


Intelligent, precise control of your heating equipment

Thermostatically controlled heating equipment will help you bring your set-up to the next level. Consistent temperatures throughout the day and night is one of the key elements that will determine the success of your garden.

The remote-control unit with a screen and user adjustable settings has a thermometer inside it – place this inside your tent so it can constantly monitor your temperature, responding with adjusting the oil filled radiator’s heat output.

Large swings in air temperature when your lights go out is bad for plants. The drop in temperature causes humidity to rise and it can reach saturation point at which time water will condense onto your fruit, leaving it open to attacks from pathogens.

This great value for money thermostat will bring you much more precise environmental control; You’ll wonder why you haven’t incorporated a thermostat into your garden before – You’ll see great results.

This thermostat works perfectly with Lighthouse Oil filled radiators, or the EcoHeat Tube Heater. Due to the high starting current, it’s not suitable for use with fan heaters such as the Greenhouse Palma Heater.

Maximum connected power rating : 230V | 3000 watts

Requires 2 x AA batteries – warning light for low battery

How to use:

Plug your heating equipment into the wall unit.

Use the remote to set your optimal temperatures; Between 20 - 26 °C is best.

Leave the remote in the growing environment – The thermostat will continue to monitor your grow rooms variables and make relay adjustments to the heater to keep temperatures optimal.


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