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600W HPS Digital Light Kit

600W HPS Digital Light Kit

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  • A complete digital 600 W light kit
  • HPS lamp / euro reflector / 600 W digital ballast
  • Plug & play operation
  • Silent running – no buzzing or humming
  • 4x dim options ranging from 250 W, 400 W, 600 W & 660 W boost

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What is The 600 W HPS Digital Light Kit?

This plug and play 600 W digital light kit provides you with great value for money. The kit includes a 600 W digital ballast, 600 W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp and a euro reflector (all power cables included). Once you fit the components together and connect the mains supply, you'll be growing in no time.

NOTE: If you don't already have suitable hangers, you'll need to add some to your order.

All parts supplied in this digital light kit are high-quality and carefully selected for compatibility.

For electrical safety, we recommend using your lights with a suitable contactor. Contactors work to handle the initial power surge at lights on. They also control the on/off switching of the light fixture using professional Grasslin timers. Depending on the contactor, they can activate a heater to help avoid issues with heat stress and condensation or provide power for extraction fans.

What Do I Get With The 600 W HPS Digital Light Kit?

This 600 W HPS digital light kit is suitable for use in any size garden. The kit offers growers an affordable lighting system without compromising on performance. It is also well-suited to larger operations that are looking to expand on a budget.

The Kit comes complete with all the components you'll need to light your indoor growing space, including:

  • Euro reflector: A lightweight, open ended, highly polished dimpled reflector with long power lead that connects to the ballast
  • 600 W digital ballast: Regulates the power your lamp receives
  • HPS lamp: Suitable for vegetative and flowering phases

Euro Reflector

Euro reflectors are a staple amongst indoor growers, they’re wide angled and open ended so there won’t be any heat building up under the shade allowing you to get the reflector closer to your canopy without negative side-effects. Euro reflectors are made from a highly reflective anodised aluminium that’s hammered and dimpled to eradicate hot spots and provide even light distribution. The long power lead allows you to connect to the digital ballast and keep it outside the growing space.

600 W Digital Ballast

The 600 W digital ballast is perfect for powering the supplied 600 W HPS lamp. Digital ballasts work to control the voltage and current supplied to your lamp through soft-start and surge protection. It manages the power to avoid the lamp overheating too quickly and exploding. The digital ballast is capable of controlling HPS and HID lights to 600 W. 4 dim options; 250 W, 400 W, 600 W & 660 W boost, allow you to configure the supplied lamp to your growing needs. It comes supplied with a 1.5 metre cable, allowing you to place your ballast around your power source. You'll connect the euro reflector, which has a longer cable, allowing you to position it exactly where you need it.

You will see better results by purchasing a lamp for the exact lower wattage you intend to drive it at.

CAUTION: Never run a bulb at a higher wattage than it’s been designed for - It may explode with potential for personal injury.

600 W HPS Lamp

The 600 W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp supplied with this value light kit emits red and blue spectrum light. This means it's the only light source you'll need throughout all stages of your plants life cycle. It works to provide your plants the light they need for strong, rapid development throughout the vegetative and flowering/fruiting stages.

What is the Benefit of Digital versus Magnetic Ballasts?

Digital ballasts offer many benefits over their magnetic counterparts. The newer technology is lighter, operates quieter and cooler, prolongs the life of your bulb through soft-start and surge protection. A major benefit of digital ballasts is their adjustable nature. Digital ballasts also allow you to run different wattage lamps, as long as they are within the ballasts capability.

How Do I Set Up My 600 W Digital Ballast?

To elongate the life of your bulb, wear gloves to avoid hotspots. Hotspots occur when you handle the bulb without gloves on and transfer dirt and grease from your hands to the bulb.

To set up your digital light kit:

  1. 1. Remove protective plastic layers from the reflector before you operate any lights.
  2. 2. Hang the reflector using suitable hangers.
  3. 3. Wearing suitable gloves, fit the lamp into the reflector.
  4. 4. Connect the lamp lead to the ballast and connect the ballast to a mains outlet and you’re ready to go.

To maintain consistent results, change your bulbs in 4 - 6 month intervals or once every complete cycle to keep light output as high as possible.

CAUTION: For safety reasons, we recommend situating your digital ballast outside your grow room.

Where possible, situate electrical items above waist level to reduce the chances of water coming into contact with them. If you’re situating the ballast in your room, place them high enough to reduce the risk of water coming into contact with them.

NOTE: Stock levels do vary, in the unlikely event that we're out of stock of one of the kit components, we'll send you an equivalent or better replacement.


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