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Optilux Contactors + Heat Socket

Optilux Contactors + Heat Socket

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  • Safely powers high-amperage horticultural equipment
  • Robust metal housing manufactured in the UK
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all gardens
  • Powers up to 8 x 600 W lights from two wall sockets
  • Sockets have individual on/off switches
  • Auxiliary Heat output turns on when lights turn off
  • One of the safest ways to power multiple lights; ROHS and CE certified

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High quality, Heavy duty timer contactor with heat output

This contactor features high-quality components with higher rated internal specification to cope with up to 4800 W of lighting and a heating output up to 2800 W. (Max. lighting load = 8 x 600 W or 4 x 1000 W)

The internal components of Optilux contactors are rated to safely power the correct number of lights required by the number of outputs.

A Lighting Contactor with Heating Output

With a ‘Heat’ output included on all models in the range, the Optilux contactor allows you to maintain consistent environmental conditions in your indoor garden. Consistent heat avoids stressing your plants, resulting in uniform crops between cycles, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Running a heater during the plants ‘night’ cycle dramatically reduces chances of mould taking hold, as temperatures drop when the lights go out, humidity rises which can precipitate water droplets onto dense plant parts. Trapped water droplets provide the perfect environment for mould and bacteria, which can cause a complete loss of your crop. Optilux contactor’s ‘flip flop’ power between lighting fixtures and heat output so when the lights go out, the heat comes on.

If you’re setting up a medium scale garden, or anything with more than 1 x 600 W fixture, you will need a contactor to safely ignite HID light fixtures, with a greatly reduced chance of electrical faults developing. We suggest mounting all electrical components (ballasts/contactors/cables/etc.) outside the growing area or above waist height to prevent water going anywhere near your electrics!

Optilux Contactor 4-Way + heat

  • Power up to four lights of any wattage (250, 400, 600, 1000 W)
  • Flip-Flop power between lighting and heating options

Optilux contactor 6 way + heat

  • Power up to six lights (250, 400, 600 or 4 x 1000 W)
  • Flip-Flop power between lighting and heating options

Optilux contactor 8 way + heat

  • Power up to eight lights (250, 400, 600 W) or 4 x 1000 W
  • Flip-Flop power between lighting and heating options
  • 4800 W and a maximum heater load of 2800 W. Power automatically diverts to heating when the lights turn off.

Compatible Heaters:

HotBox Elite 2.8 kW heater

Oil filled radiator

2 kW Palma Heater

Ecoheat Tube Heaters

Capable of powering the most power hungry heaters we stock, the Optilux contactor is a cost effective, easy to use means of optimising the important environmental factors of your garden.

How to use Optilux Contactor:

Complete user instructions are included with the contactor.

The unit is easy to install and comes ready to plug and play. The integral mounting bracket makes installation easy.

The timer’s dial is easy to use with each tappet representing 15 minute increments of a 24 hour period. Simply slide the tappets into the on position for the duration you require your lights to be on; power diverts to the heater socket when the lights are off.

We recommend using a thermohygrometer to monitor peaks in temperatures, allowing you to react to any drastic environmental changes. A Air Comfort wireless themohygrometer is particularly useful. Graphical logging functionality allows you to easily see when environment events take place.

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