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  • Oxygenates the nutrient tank quietly and efficiently
  • Removes the need for noisy air pumps
  • Removes the need for air stones that can clog and promote bacteria and algae
  • Removes the need for additional tank circulation jets or pumps
  • Quiet operation - only uses water pump to drive the system
  • Does not add additional heat to the solution
  • Air can be drawn from wherever required
  • Saves cost and energy compared with Air Pumps, Circulation Pumps and Air Stones
  • Can operate with less than 1000LPH to over 4000LPH pumps
  • Supplied with three suction cups to secure mount to bottom of tank
  • Simple installation with only two connecting tubes

The BubbleGen uses a nutrient pump to oxygenate water without the need for an Air Pump or Air Stones!

It works on the simple principle of creating a pressure difference that draws atmospheric air through a filtered tube where the small bubbles mix with the waterflow and percolate up through your reservoir – oxygenating the solution on its way.

The design of the BubbleGen includes an inbuilt silencer to reduce the noise produced – Water Pumps are already much quieter than Air Compressors or Air Pumps, with the BubbleGen you’ll barely notice any noise just the gentle whirring of the bubbles.

The BubbleGen also helps to keep your nutrient solution well mixed and oxygenated extending the time the solution stays ‘fresh’.

The output of the BubbleGen sends the energetic circulating stream of nutrient and bubbles in two separate directions tanks to the dual nozzles.

The BubbleGen completely replaces the need for a Circulation Pump, Air Pump and Air Stones. If you are currently using a Nutrient Chiller a single pump can be used to drive the BubbleGen.

No Air Stones to clog, break or rattle so it’s an easier system to use with less maintenance required, just set and forget, safely in the knowledge the BubbleGen will oxygenate and circulate your nutrient solution within your reservoir.

There's no moving parts or small diameters that could clog so your BubbleGen will maintain performance over a long lifetime. It’s recommended to clean your equipment between crops to avoid cross-contamination in the event of any grow room disease.

The picture below shows the BubbleGen connected to an MJ1000 in a GT100 - Notice the roots growing through the top tray into the oxygenated reservoir beneath.

Bubble Gen oxygenating a Gro-Tank 100 

How to use:

Make sure the air intake of the BubbleGen is above the water line and attach the sucker feet of the unit to the bottom of your reservoir.

To avoid changing the chemical properties of your nutrient solution, try to place the air intake of the BubbleGen outside of your growing environment. Warm air will slowly increase the temperature of your solution and air with high CO2 levels will increase the acidity. The BubbleGen is supplied with a 1.5m Air Hose but you can purchase as much 8mm Tube as you need. 1.5m will be enough to draw your air from outside a small tent but in larger tents or rooms an extension will be required.

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