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Canna Cure Concentrate 1L

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  • Eliminates pests and mildew
  • Multi-purpose pest control spray
  • Helps keep your plants looking vibrant and healthy
  • Healthier plants, bigger flowers and increased yields.

Try as you might to keep them out of your garden and greenhouse, pests are a fact of life for every grower and every plant. From mildew to whitefly, spider mites to mealy bugs, your plants are under attack. But protecting them has now become far easier thanks to CANNA CURE. this concentrated version of the popular product gives you all the protection you need from nature's predators, condensed into a concentrated liquid. Simply dilute according to usage and apply to your plants to give them season-long protection from pests and mildew. Apply this unique leaf nutrient and you'll have healthier, stronger plants, with bigger flowers and an increased yield. It's toxin-free so you're not compromising your organic status by using it, and is the result of years of development, effectively forming a ‘second skin’ for your plants, making them shiny and clean, which in turn improves their ability to photosynthesise. The additional sticky layer also acts as a traps for pests, stopping them before they can do any damage to the leaves. CANNA CURE Concentrate is easy to use – simply apply to both sides of the leaf and use from the beginning of growth through to harvest.

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Brand Canna
Size 1 Litre