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Net Pots

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  • Support your plants and allow for seamless transplanting
  • Provide roots with excellent aeration
  • Strong and robust, these pots can be reused.
  • Suitable for a range of hydroponic uses

Transplanting plants is never easy – after all, nobody likes to move once they're comfortable, and it's the same with your plants! Fortunately, there is now a way to get away from those problems by using Net Pots. When it's time to transplant you don't need to disturb the roots of your plants – you can use these net pots so they can hold growth media, give your plants support and let you transplant seamlessly.


The structure of the net allows the plants' roots to easily grow out of the pot. They get plenty of aeration and the simple 'lift and go' method makes them perfectly compatible with a range of hydroponics systems, including aeroponics, Deep Water culture and Nutrient Film Technique. These Net Pots are small plant pots and made of tough, strong plastic that is perforated all over. This lets the roots grow through the perforations and on into the aeroponic environment. No more worries about root damage for your future transplanting!


Net Pots are robust and reusable, so you can use them over and over. They're most suited to DWC systems such as Oxypots and Aeroponics like the amazon but can also be used in ebb and flow systems like the flo-gro series and in NFT systems like the gro-tank series.


50mm net pots are like for like replacements for the xtreme series,

80mm net pots are replacements for Amazon systems.

140mm net pots are ideal for oxypot systems.


You can use net pots when building your own system too, you'll need all the fittings and a bucket.

Net Pots dimensions

The 50mm net pot is 50mm deep.

The 80mm pot is 85mm diameter and 75mm deep.

The 140mm pot is 115mm deep.